Lenses B4


Canon HJ22ex7.6 IRSE

A great performing standard lens with a generous focal length of 7.6-167mm, 15-334mm with the 2x. Works in tandem with the Canon wide zooms.


Canon HJ14ex4.3B IRSE

The standard wide zoom lens for the Broadcast TV industry continues to offer a great package when combined with the standard zoom.


Zeiss DigiZoom 6-24mm T1.9

Zeiss’ no compromise approach to 2/3” lens manufacture. Outstanding performance throughout the aperture and high resolution over the entire screen. Optimised to shoot wide open.


Zeiss DigiZoom 17-112mm T1.9

A lens to complement the 6-24mm, but covers the longer focal length.


Zeiss DigiPrime set T1.6 (5mm T1.9)

DigiPrime lenses fulfil all technical, functional and aesthetic requirements. Producing stunning results, they are available as following
5mm T1.9, 7mm T1.6, 10mm T1.6, 14mm T1.6, 20mm T1.6, 28mm T1.6, 40mm T1.6 including Sharpmax back focus device and clip-on hood


Zeiss DigiPrime 70mm T1.6

Standalone 70mm prime lens that offers unparalleled close focus quality. Together with the Zeiss DigiDiopters, great close up work can be achieved.


Zeiss DigiMutar 1.4x extender

A simple 1.4x attachment that goes between the camera and lens to achieve longer focal lengths
of 1.4 at the compromise of one stop.


Zeiss DigiDiopters +1 and +2

This set of high quality diopters in +1 and +2 magnification are optimized to work with high-quality 2/3" HD lenses. Ideal for extreme close ups or wide angle shots with a shallow depth of field.