Easyrig Cinema 3

This camera stabilising mount can be used with 35mm and video cameras.
Being the original stabilising system relieving back support, the Easyrig system is still the standard amongst operators. 
The Cinema 3 has the ability to mount cameras between 12 and 15Kg.


Easyrig Vario 5 with Flowcine Serene stabiliser.  

The Easyrig system takes the strain off your back, neck and shoulders enabling hand hand shots for longer periods of time.
With the addition of the Flowcine Serene adaptor, vertical movement is minimalised thus taking the vibration and motion errors away from the vertical axis.
Adjustable for cameras up to 15Kg


Easyrig Mini Strong  

Mini version of larger camera support system.
Has the capacity to hold smaller cameras with a payload of between 4-6Kg.
Still has the same capacity for relief of static payloads thus reducing strain on neck and shoulders.


DJI Ronin-S

Designed in a single-handed form factor for DSLR and mirrorless cameras, the Ronin-S empowers creators to shoot with the freedom of stabilized shots on the move.
3.5Kg capacity at 75kph all with full camera control.


Egripment Genie Jib

The Genie Jib is a lightweight MiniJib that can be extended by a sliding lock off system. The Genie Jib is equipped with a 100mm bowl adapter that can be used straight up and upside down. 
Maximum camera load 20Kg.


Cinekinetic Mc Jib

The Mc Jib is a heavier small jib arm with a fixed length, with the facility for 150mm and 100mm bowl camera heads.
Maximum camera load 25Kg.


ABC 100 / Speedy 6 Travel Crane

Large travel crane with professional accessories.
Short assembly times. (complete assembly in
approx. 20 minutes) 
Weight capacity of cameras up to 20Kg.


Ronford Baker 3 and 4 foot Slider

Ultra high precision, ground stainless steel runners and rollers.
The whole unit has a lockable rotation of 360 degrees, 'Soft stop' adjustable buffers. Tritium spirit level. Mitchell to Mitchell fitting. Includes 150mm bowl adapter.


Kessler 5 foot CineSlider

A heavy duty portable slider system for camera rigs weighing up to 36Kg. Weighing only 5.5Kg, and a length of 5 foot (1.5m), the CineSlider is an easily portable solution to get those quick, smooth,
short-run dolly movements, without having to transport a large dolly system. Use straight on the ground with its included all terrain levelling feet or mount to a tripod with support (included).


Kessler 3 foot Pocket Dolly

A lightweight 3ft (91cm). Slider for cameras under 15 pounds (6.8kg). The pocket dolly is a hybrid system that combines the rail and cart system from a standard dolly and the adjust arc diameter handle and drag control of the CineSlider. Use straight on the ground with its included levelling feet or mount to a tripod with support (included).


Digi Dolly

Lightweight tracking dolly with smooth track joins.
Comes with 4m of straight track.

Egripment Focus dolly light

Based on the proven concept of the Classic Focus Dolly, the new Focus Dolly Light is a complete, lightweight, ultra-portable dolly for track use.
Comes with 5 straights and 3 curves.


E-Z up' pop up tent

The original 10’ x 10’ pop up tent.


Wally dolly

Super lightweight track and dolly for portable situations. 
Weighing 8Kg and with 3m of track this is one for the foreign shoot.


Matthews CAM Tank

Super low mount for camera with facility for pan and tilt.
Camera can be mounted 100mm off the floor allowing 30 degree tilt and full pan facility with drag for both movements.
Can additionally be used as a low dutch or mounted to any fluid head for dutch movement.


P+S Mini Skater

The flattest camera tracking device ever with a height of only 5cm. Allows very precise movements with very little set up time required.


P+S Skater Motor

For motorised control of the skater dolly with the hand held controller.


P+S Skater controller

The Skater control unit is a single axis remote control unit which allows you to execute smooth camera moves on your Skater, effectively becoming a motorised dolly. Programmable start and stop positions with smooth accelerations and decelerations possible by programming.


Micro-dolly suction mount

Universal camera suction mount utilising 3 cups with various rod lengths to mount any camera up to 22Kg.